Can't move assets on account imported from seed phrase / creted in Taho after interrupted adding of Ledger account

This issue has been tracked since 2023-03-15.

After interrupted adding of a Ledger account I can't send any funds from other accounts.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Have at least one account (imported from seed phrase or created in Taho) added to the Taho extension. Make sure the account has a positive balance of at least one asset.
  2. Go to Accounts view and click on Add Wallet -> Connect to Ledger. A browser tab for Ledger connection will open.
  3. Plug in Ledger, enter pin, Open Ethereum App.
  4. Click Continue and connect. A Select Ledger accounts view will be displayed.
  5. Quit Ethereum app in Ledger. A Check your Ledger view with No Ledger device is connected message will be displayed. No Ledger account gets imported (OK).
  6. Go to the extension. Try to send any asset from the account. After providing Amount and recipient address and clicking Continue, the Continue button changes to the spinning wheel and stucks in this state (NOOK).

Transaction is not executed. Leaving the extension and going back to it shows Send Asset again, but with empty Amount / Send To fields. Each trial of sending the assets ends the same (tested on Polygon and Ethereum). In order to reset the state (and be able to send funds) I had to refresh the extension in Chrome's extension manager.

Extension version: 0.28.0

michalinacienciala wrote this answer on 2023-03-16

Console error during Step 6:

CustomError {name: 'DisconnectedDeviceDuringOperation', message: "Failed to execute 'transferOut' on 'USBDevice': The device was disconnected.", stack: 'Error\n    at new CustomError (chrome-extension://b…cackknjliglmcaeidkenliljcm/background.js:80450:27'}
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