The system partition has unsupported subvolume layout.Only Ubuntu type layouts with @ and @home subvolumes are currently supported

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Hi!I have Debian 11 64 bit installed on my machine.

I have BTRFS linux partitions and also Windows partitions as I have a dual boot Windows 10 Debian 11 machine.My partitions are as shown below from gparted.

gparted partitions_110621

I am practicing how to backup and restore my linux using timeshift as a precaution so as to be ready when one day I break my linux by installing wrong applications or incase my hard disk fails and I need to rebuild my linux on a new hard drive with the exact customizations that I had on previous drive.

Using the youtube link I tried following exact same steps ie backing up my / /boot and home volumes with timeshift using rsync,booting up with live linux-lite and trying to restore using the timeshift thats installed on the live CD of linux-lite.When I reach the select target device and click Next I get message below and I am unable to proceed further

timeshift live full

Kindly help in resolving this.

Bleznudd wrote this answer on 2021-08-05

If you don't have at least the @ subvolume, timeshift won't work because it's designed around the ubutnu subvolume layout.
This means that if you want to use timeshift you need to create the @ subvolume and move your / in there.

Take a look at these two posts:

You can follow them in sequence, and do something similar for your @home subvolume

glenno-x wrote this answer on 2021-09-07

Now that debian 11 bullseye uses @rootfs instead of Ubuntu's @; Is it time to make a modification to timehift to allow configurable root subvol name ?
The advantage of this proposal is that timeshift could support any btrfs distro (OpenSuse, Fedora and Debian being the big names)

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