An in-range update of node-notifier is breaking the build 🚨

This issue has been tracked since 2019-08-04.

The dependency node-notifier was updated from 5.4.0 to 5.4.2.

🚨 View failing branch.

This version is covered by your current version range and after updating it in your project the build failed.

node-notifier is a direct dependency of this project, and it is very likely causing it to break. If other packages depend on yours, this update is probably also breaking those in turn.

Status Details
  • continuous-integration/travis-ci/push: The Travis CI build is in progress (Details).
  • continuous-integration/appveyor/branch: AppVeyor build failed (Details).


The new version differs by 13 commits.

  • d907d54 Revert "Revert "Fixes tests after mapping change""
  • b9946dc Merge pull request #271 from jnielson94/overwritable-timeout
  • 698c103 Merge branch 'master' into overwritable-timeout
  • fd851c8 Remove node 6 from travis run
  • c153da9 Updates changelog
  • 378077c v5.4.2
  • 8f136d9 Bumps all dependencies
  • 2bbcc2d Revert "Fixes tests after mapping change"
  • 64decfb v5.4.1
  • e271899 Revert "Adds default timeout to notification center"
  • 3fefdf3 Merge pull request #274 from Aarbel/patch-1
  • ae64c68 Add event doc on notifier.onclick
  • 4686c9c Allow timeout: false to remove a timeout

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greenkeeper[bot] wrote this answer on 2019-08-04

After pinning to 5.4.0 your tests are still failing. The reported issue might not affect your project. These imprecisions are caused by inconsistent test results.

greenkeeper[bot] wrote this answer on 2019-08-19

Your tests are still failing with this version. Compare changes


The new version differs by 8 commits.

  • 1101e6d Update version to v5.4.3
  • d204329 Revert "Fixes tests after mapping change"
  • 9a1fc72 Update lock file after audit
  • 8769921 Revert "Bumps all dependencies"
  • 3ae8fd7 Merge pull request #284 from mikaelbr/revert-271-overwritable-timeout
  • 5c48dc8 Revert "Allow timeout: false to remove a timeout"
  • 722f9d9 Revert "Remove node 6 from travis run"
  • 12d971d Revert "v5.4.2"

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