Lazy loading is not working if container has 'overflow-x: hidden' style

This issue has been tracked since 2017-11-15.

Hi guys,
I have container with the following styles:
height: 100%; position:relative; overflow: auto; overflow-x: hidden;

LazyLoad component is configured with overflow={true} property.
But Lazy loading is not working.

I assume this issue is related with overflowRegex.test(overflowX) condition here

Could you please check if this condition isn't superfluous.
Thank you!

khanglu wrote this answer on 2018-03-20

I'm having the same issue, I cannot make the hidden components load when scrolling onto them with overflow-x: hidden.

borisrorsvort wrote this answer on 2018-06-20

@jasonslyvia same issue, is there a trick?

chaddjohnson wrote this answer on 2018-06-26

Same happens to me when I use overflow-x: auto.

nickhingston wrote this answer on 2018-10-01

also if container view is display: flex...

alex-lechner wrote this answer on 2019-06-27

ohhh man... this issue is still not resolved? Having the same problem with display: flex on the container.

DavidLozzi wrote this answer on 2019-09-18


micahblu wrote this answer on 2019-09-23

Don't use flex use grid instead. The issue with flex and even floating your elements is that Element.getBoundingClientRect() does not provide an accurate top value. This is an issue with Chrome not this library which relies on that value to determine if the element is within the viewport.

15573138624 wrote this answer on 2019-11-04

Thank you. I have the same problem.

atulgpt wrote this answer on 2021-02-12

I am having the same issue and the issue is happening in Chrome, Firefox and Safari. So this doesn't seem to be browser issue to me. @igoralemasow did you find any solution?

digiage wrote this answer on 2021-05-05

the issue is there even with the native lazy load (loading="lazy")

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