Does the library support horizontal lazy load out of the box ?

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In the the props offset says it supports horizontal lazyload and we can set it as an array. But in the source code, there is no method to judge the horizontal scroll visible? Is there is something wrong or am I missing something?

chrisdopuch wrote this answer on 2019-07-11

I'm building a horizontally scrollable image gallery, and I'm finding that the lazy loading does not work (all images get loaded at once, even ones that are fully off the screen). I will try using the preventLoading prop, but it would be great if this "just worked" out of the box.

chrisdopuch wrote this answer on 2019-07-12

Looks like this issue is still open, so that's officially a "no" on horizontal scrolling:

This can probably be closed as duplicate @Sara2009 , I hope that it gets implemented soon! 🤞

ameerthehacker wrote this answer on 2019-07-12

@chrisdopuch @Sara2009 #231 PR added it and it is already published

chrisdopuch wrote this answer on 2019-07-12

Amazing! Thanks @ameerthehacker , I guess the other ticket should get closed then. So happy to hear this! ❤️

ameerthehacker wrote this answer on 2019-07-12

Thanks, @chrisdopuch I have closed the ticket #56

ttmthanh wrote this answer on 2021-12-15

I set offset but seem it does not work with horizontal list :'(

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