can't load saved design

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the editorRef.current.editor doesn't has a object saveDesign but it is there in the editorRef.current ...
the problem is that i cant load design with json saved data from database
I am using it inside a shopify app inside a next page

code to save in mongodb realm

                emailEditorRef.current.saveDesign(async (design)=>{
                const app = Realm.App.getApp(process.env.NEXT_PUBLIC_REALM_APP_ID); 
                const mongodb = app.currentUser.mongoClient("mongodb-atlas");
                const emailTemplatesDB = mongodb.db("test").collection("emails")
                await emailTemplatesDB.updateOne(

code to load data

 const emailSaveRef = useRef(null)

 const [design,setDesign] = useState({})

    (async function(){
      const app=new Realm.App({id:process.env.NEXT_PUBLIC_REALM_APP_ID})
      const credentials = Realm.Credentials.anonymous();
      await app.logIn(credentials)
      const mongodb = app.currentUser.mongoClient("mongodb-atlas") 
      const emailTemplatesDB = mongodb.db("test").collection("emails")
    //   console.log(name)
      const data = await emailTemplatesDB.findOne({savedname:name}) //name is received through query 
      if (data){
        // console.log('fetch design',data.savedtemplate)
 const onLoad = () => {

but it always renders a empty design ....

driaug wrote this answer on 2022-07-14

I had this problem with Next.js today.
I could load designs on localhost but they were not loading on production.

The fix was changing the deprecated onLoad to the new onReady function.

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