Update needed for Samsung Android 11 app battery optimization

This issue has been tracked since 2021-12-10.

Setting some apps to not optimize battery use for them is not the end of the story, for apps that use a service from another app. Example: a read aloud app that uses Text-to-speech service. Settings the Read Aloud app only to be not "battery optimized" does not help, because the system still "optimizes" and stops or kills the TTS engine that generates speech from text. For example if in the hypothetical Acme Read Aloud app the user selected Vocalizer TTS engine and voice, the Vocalizer TTS app must be set to not be "optimized" for battery use as well. Same for all other speech engines, although I'm not sure if Google TTS or Samsung TTS engines are automatically exempt from battery savings or not.

It would be good to add a note about this to Samsung Android 11 pages on dontkillmyapp.com web site. Thanks!

d0x360 wrote this answer on 2022-01-01

While I don't disagree it may not be necessary provided the user is doing all the disable battery optimization steps..

Of course it's Samsung so maybe it's necessary lol, nevermind. Yeah we need this.

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