Samsung, Android 12 (OneUI4) -- Another step is required

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In Android 12, a battery-saving feature was introduced that you may or may not like. You can read about it at

The important takeaway is that there were people who were not so pleased with the feature, so Android made a compromise. They would keep the feature, but anyone who wanted to disable it would need to do so in Developer Settings--provided the OEM enabled the flag!

I'm sure you've gone through the settings and know them by heart, it's not there. So you have to do it through ADB. Without this step, you still have a process in control of your phone, deciding when the apps you've installed should run or not. There was a very emotional individual in the original claiming Android installed a virus on their organization's equipment. I can't really blame them.

Now, Android is aware of the problem and future updates should make all this easier. You're still going to need to keep a sharp eye on the OEM implementation.

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