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I have a brand new Blackview BV6600E running Android 11. None of the fixes work on Android 11. It is impossible to run geo-tracking apps in the background. 'Not optimizing' battery usage by apps does not fix the issue. The other options/categories do not exist in Android 11 and there is no option to whitelist apps.
I bought this phone because it had great GPS capability and want to run apps that tracklog GPS (outdoor Map Navigator by Anquet and OI Image Track by Olympus). I did use the former for navigation and the latter to geotag my photographs on my old Blackview BV600 (Android 7) was great at this. Sadly after years of use, it died. This new phone is a complete nightmare. I cannot see why a manufacturer would produce a rugged phone with a huge battery aimed at outdoor users and then stop it from using tracking apps. I have got no response yet from the manufacturer.

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