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I have had a breakthrough with Android 11 and thought I would share it with you as it may help others.

In response to a ‘support ticket’ to Blackview, I got a one-line reply (why do geeks assume you know/understand more than you do?) that pointed me in the right direction.

So here is the solution for making apps (?) work in the background on Android 11 at least on Blackview phones! I have checked it works for OMN3 (navigation and GPS tracking app) and IO Image Track (geotagging and GPS -logging APP), so it may be a universal solution.


  1. Settings > Battery > Battery Optimisation > Select All Apps > tap on APP and select Not optimized i.e. let it use battery all the time.
  2. Settings > Location > Use location > ON - pretty obvious!
  3. Settings > Apps and Notifications > See all apps > Select APP > Tap on Location > Select Allow all the time.

I had got this far on my own, but this alone will not fix the issue. I can’t speak for other manufacturers but Blackview has another App on the desktop called System Manager (which I had overlooked) but it contains another collection of settings.

  1. Desktop > System Manager > App Management > Permission Manager > Auto Clean > Select APP > TURN ON.

This is counterintuitive, as you would think that this was telling the system that it could do what it liked with the app. But, if you read the small print at the top of the page it says ‘User can set some applications to the protected list, thus it will not be killed when run one key cleaning function and it will also can’t be killed when the user enables the auto-clean function at the background.’ When I saw the apps that were switched on by default, it was clear these were the apps that normally run in the background, Google, Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, and YT Music. So this is effectively the ‘whitelist. When you switch an app ON you get a momentary (and tiny) dialogue box coming up saying ‘has joined the whitelist’.

Voila! I’ve just walked the dog and recorded the track on OMN3; so, I am back in business.

Feel free to share this info on your site and I hope it saves others the two days of frustration and research that it has caused me.

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