Feedback for OnePlus page: Changes in OxygenOS 12

This issue has been tracked since 2022-04-28.

In OxygenOS 12, this has changed again, instead of the Optimize/Don't optimize/Intelligent Control radio box from OxygenOS 11, there is now three checkboxes:

  • Allow foreground activity (enabled by default, and seems to be impossible to disable for any app)
  • Allow background activity (disabled by default, at least for most apps)
  • Allow automatic start (disabled by default for most apps, but enabled for some, maybe the ones I set to Don't optimize in OOS 11)

You also occasionally get notifications telling you to "optimize" an app. In the system settings you can set per-app to always optimize or never optimize. By default all apps are set to always ask.

And even if you set all those settings for an app, background tasks for many apps e.g. DAVx5, AntennaPod and the weather widget will not run reliably unless you lock the app in recents. And it seems it only lets you lock a maximum of 8 apps.

LinAGKar wrote this answer on 2022-04-29

And it seems it only lets you lock a maximum of 8 apps.

Not even that, it seems the limit is 5 apps, but some apps (e.g. Gmail, Messenger and WhatsApp) don't count towards this limit. Only in the personal profile though, they still count toward the limit in the in the work profile.

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