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Hello dear developers. I decided to share the following information with you, so that you can evaluate the possibility of mentioning about it in the "App pinning / App locking" section.
A month ago I bought a "Redmi 9A" phone, and yesterday I discovered an alternative method with which the user can mark the apps that will be locked by default on the recent apps screen.

Step 1. Open the Security app
Screenshot_2022-06-24-14-52-27-135_com miui securitycenter

Step 2. Go to "Boost speed"
Screenshot_2022-06-24-14-52-30-772_com miui securitycenter

Step 3. Tap the icon at the top right

Step 4. Go to "Lock apps."
Screenshot_2022-06-24-14-52-35-980_com miui securitycenter

Finally, select the desired apps.

petrnalevka wrote this answer on 2022-06-28

This is great news.. big thanks for sharing this we will be adding this to Xiaomi section..

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