column chooser missing in 2.0 ?

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ooo4321 wrote this answer on 2021-11-30

hello, is there a reasonable simple way to activate the column chooser in 2.0 ?

mpf82 wrote this answer on 2021-12-01

For some reason the default value for changed from true to false in this commit: 67e3ed8#diff-ff4cd19e64b5e90c7000b2c6cb45730d9b88e68ec7444b36909564585e422332

@vitmalina Do you know why? Should it stay like this?

@ooo4321 Simply set to true in the grid options

Fiddle: (based on

ooo4321 wrote this answer on 2021-12-02

thanks a bunch, works great :)

mpf82 wrote this answer on 2021-12-02

Re-opening, waiting for a reply from Vitali.

vitmalina wrote this answer on 2021-12-03

Yes, I made it hidden by default on purpose in the attempt to make UI less "busy" for users. I think it is going to stay hidden by default. However, as @mpf82 correctly noted, it is easy to turn it on. I also think that the better way would be to make this popup show when you click right button on any column. It is what happens in dev tools network for example. I like it better this way, but it is not yet implemented.

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