Chart type presets

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Vizzu implements an abstract, chart type independent data visualization interface.
It would be good to provide explicit chart type presets (bar, pie, ...) for beginner users.

Interface: Vizzu class should have a static preset property, with methods for the different chart types.
these methods should return a chart config object specific for the selected chart type.


chart.animate(['y axis data series 1', ...], ['x axis data series 1', ... ]));

Example output:['a','b'], ['c', 'd' ])
  channels: {
    x: [ 'c', 'd'],
    y: ['a','b'],
    color: null,
    size: null,
    lightness: null,
    noop: null  
  geometry: 'rectangle',
  coordSystem: 'cartesian'

Vizzu class source file:

Implemented Chart type examples:

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