Defining unknown properties as exist properties is wrong

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This issue was created first in Vetur & later fixed in @vuejs/composition-api as below


Recently the same issue is created in Volar and closed mentioning common.ts definitions in vuejs/composition-api

What is expected?

Error has to be displayed when unknown property or data in template (typescript code)

What is actually happening?

No error is displayed when unknown property or data in template (typescript code) due to
export type Data = { [key: string]: unknown }
in types/common.d.ts

last-partizan wrote this answer on 2022-08-15

Looks like i stumbled upon this exact same bug, and prepared different reproduction

I have three files:

  • src/HasErrorOk.vue - error detected with vue2 and vue3
  • src/ShoudBeErrorWithDataAndMethods.vue - error not detected with vue2, but detected with vue3
  • src/ShoudBeErrorWithEmptyDefineComponent.vue - error not detected with vue2 and vue3
colinblaise wrote this answer on 2022-08-17

Experiencing same issue. Major regression which is causing bugs to make it into production for us :(

colinblaise wrote this answer on 2022-08-19

Can confirm that this is fixed in vue 2.7.9, thanks @yyx990803

Volar is still not showing any errors, but I assume we'll have to wait for a new version of Volar as well.

edit: Volar works for me now, I was just experiencing some weird caching issues after updating to vue 2.7.9

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