toRefs(proxyRefs(...)) works, but warns that toRefs() expects a reactive object but received a plain one

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Steps to reproduce

The following code

toRefs(proxyRefs({ foo: computed(() => 1) }))

prints a warning

vue.runtime.esm.js:4560 [Vue warn]: toRefs() expects a reactive object but received a plain one.

What is expected?

No warning

What is actually happening?

Warning in console

sodatea wrote this answer on 2022-08-15

I think it's expected behavior.

proxyRefs() does not return a reactive object.
Its type signature is ShallowUnwrapRef<T>, while reactive() returns an UnwrapNestedRefs<T>

It only happens to be the case that the toRefs()'s internal implementation can handle ShallowUnwrapRef<T>'s structure. But toRefs()'s documented usage is only to handle reactive objects.
So I think it's better to create a custom utility function to handle it than to reuse toRefs() for this purpose.

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