[2.7.10] [typescript] Cannot change the typing of $emit since 2.7.5

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Reproduction link


Steps to reproduce

  • Clone the repo
  • npm install
  • npm run compile

What is expected?

No typescript compilation errors

What is actually happening?

There is typescript compilation errors

Since 2.7.5 and 005e52d, $emit cannot be typed with vue-class-component.

If you checkout commit 62000a803bbe4ed1dc9d30c20772a948cab49d16 and doing npm install to go back in vue 2.7.4 and npm run compile, everything is fine.

See file src/ComponentWithTypedEvents.ts to see examples about working typing of events.

vidal7 wrote this answer on 2022-09-21

BTW, still not working in [email protected]

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