External component (vue-ssr-carousel) doesn't work in Vite (vue2)/rollup production SSR build - render function or template not defined in component: carousel

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Reproduction link


Steps to reproduce

Clone the reproduction repo and follow the steps from the repo readme to run the SSR build and repro the issue

What is expected?

The component works the same in the dev (vite) build and the production (rollup) build during SSR

What is actually happening?

The dev build SSR works fine, but the production SSR build fails with render function or template not defined in component: carousel

I created an issue in the repo for the external component, but upon further reflection I think this might be a more general vue (or maybe rollup?) issue.

I tried asking on discord in the #vue-2 channel, but no one replied unfortunately.

SecretPocketCat wrote this answer on 2022-09-10

This work fine with webpack

So I'm not sure whether this issue stems from the lib, vite, vue2 vite plugin or rollup.

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