Is there a way to configure a different environment on Contentful?

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We're managing multiple environments on Contentful and looks like there is no way to configure a different environment rather than master.


VSF-Entreprise Contentful docs:

"@vsf-enterprise/contentful": "^0.3.2",

cc @ritz0106

What version of Vue Storefront are you using?


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lukasborawski wrote this answer on 2022-04-04

@Fedeorlandau Hello. From version 0.3.4 you can set the environment through the CF integration API. Cheers.

Fedeorlandau wrote this answer on 2022-04-04

Hi there, thank you!

Fedeorlandau wrote this answer on 2022-04-05

@lukasborawski what do you think of moving the environment selection to the middleware config?

module.exports = {
  integrations: {
    cntf: {
      location: '@vsf-enterprise/contentful/server',
      configuration: {
        token: 'CONTENT_DELIVERY_TOKEN',
        space: 'CONTENT_SPACE_ID',
        environment: 'master',
    // ... other configs

It's a little bit annoying to do it on the search function. There could be a fair reason to do it but just asking :)


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