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We are performing requests using GraphQL queries by Apollo. When a query response is slow (+-10 seconds), the storefront will throw a socket timeout error. Example:

[VSF][error]: [Network error]: FetchError: request to https://test.environment.example/graphql?query=query+categoryList%7Bcategories%7Bitems%7Bchildren%7Binclude_in_menu+is_anchor+level+name+position+product_count+uid+url_path+url_suffix+children%7Binclude_in_menu+is_anchor+level+name+position+product_count+uid+url_path+url_suffix+children%7Binclude_in_menu+is_anchor+level+name+position+product_count+uid+url_path+url_suffix+__typename%7D__typename%7D__typename%7Dproduct_count+name+uid+__typename%7D__typename%7D%7D&operationName=categoryList&variables=%7B%7D failed, reason: Socket timeout

The socket timeout is a problem in local environments.

I am not able to see a global configuration setting in Vue storefront for changing the default socket timeout for all queries. Is there a way to do this?

What version of Vue Storefront are you using?


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Fifciu wrote this answer on 2023-01-23

Probably, you want to prepare an extension for your integration and use extendApp in order to set custom timeout for the Express.js application. The links below should help you go through the process:

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